Private Blockchain-Projekte im Finanzsektor

by Dirk Elsner on 27. Oktober 2015

Vergangene Woche ist ein hochinteressantes Arbeitspapier der BitFury Group zusammen mit Jeff Garzik erschienen

Public versus Private Blockchains

Darin zählen die Autoren verschiedene Blockchain-Projekte der Finanzwelt auf, darunter auch Projekte, in denen eigene, d.h. private Blockchains aufgebaut werden.

  • Three large banks in the Netherlands – ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank – investigate the use of blockchain for payment systems.
  • Citigroup has built three private blockchains and an internal currency with a prime focus on payments and eliminating counterparty risks when dealing with smaller local banks. Additionally, Citigroup has partnered with Safaricom, a mobile operator in Kenya, to enable transfer services to the unbanked.
  • Santander, one of the largest banks in the world according to Forbes, has identified 20 to 25 possible applications of blockchain technology in banking, including international remittance, syndicated lending and collateral management
  • Similarly, Deutsche Bank has stated that distributed ledgers and particularly blockchains have possible applications in both fiat currency and securities management, creating transparency and facilitating Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering surveillance.
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore has named blockchains as one of the big trends in technologies affecting financial services, citing lower cost of operation, faster processing and failure resilience as their main benefits compared to the traditional approach .

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